Sunday, October 22, 2006

Monopoly... it's a game of strategy & luck which I usually will tell you that I hate playing. It goes on forever and no one ever really wins right? So my little brother was over and we decided to play. I didn't want to play. Monopoly is boring. Well it's boring unless you CRUSH YOUR OPPONENTS!!! Muhahaha!!! After a few hours I had thoroughly defeated my brother and my husband! My son was doing good too, but then he started putting money back in the bank for no good reason... He is only 7 and it was WAY past bedtime. So the moral of the story, crushing your adversaries is fun!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Here we are again... my dear husband is camping, laying in wait for the hordes of deer to stroll by in the morning and encounter his crossbow... and I have once again stayed up past my bedtime surfing the net and filling my head with all sorts of creative ideas (like I need more of them!) Right now I'm working on longies that look like a cow. Only a very insane person would volunteer to endeavor such a task for the sake of a complete stranger knowing full well that crocheters never recover their time when items are priced. On the up side, at least they are beginning to look cow like with almost one leg complete. MOO.