Friday, June 29, 2007


We are finally homeowners!!

After much messing around with our insane landlords, including but not limited to unkind phone calls and screaming at us that the deal was off AT closing, we are finally DONE with the thing. We closed yesterday. They really took us for every penny, even demanding that we pay our security deposit again or they weren't signing the papers. Our lawyer talked them down to half our security deposit and we only did it because the court case against them would cost more and take more time. We were in the legal right. But we really just wanted these people out of our lives FOREVER. And it was worth the money at that point.

Now that the deal is sealed, we have work planned around here. The kitchen floor needs to be redone and I think while we're at it I want to rip off the poorly-installed half-wall paneling and repaint the kitchen. We're also replacing the ceiling fan because the old one is broken. And I think I'll do matching curtains as well. It's one of the two rooms that didn't get done when we moved in. But I want it to be MINE and clear out the reminders of THOSE people.

In other news, the formerly pregnant kitty that has been hanging around finally brought us the kittens last week. There are 5 of them and they are adorable! I'd post a pic but my batteries are dead. Next time.

Oh yeah, and I had my gall bladder out 3 weeks ago. I'm finally feeling back to normal. The baby made it through surgery just fine and is growing good and strong. I'm having an ultrasound on July 18, and I'm pretty excited about that.