Friday, February 29, 2008

OK Shelli...

Because you begged, I leave you with pictures of the kids. See you in 40 days!

40 Day Fast

Well, this will be my last post for oh, about 40 days. I have decided to fast from the internet for that time. I've been contemplating a fast for awhile now, something to refocus me on Christ. I can't fast from food for any length of time, being a nursing mom and all, so I had to think of something else. The biggest time waster in my life is this marvel of modern technology. I spend hours on the internet every day. It's clear to me that this is an addiction, and I need to give it up and get addicted to God & His Word. I don't want my Christianity to be empty words and fruitless works. I want to live in true fellowship with my Savior. I can't do that here in cyberspace.

So, until sometime in April, I am off line. Pray for me during this time, that I will truly seek Him!!

A Lucky Update

Just wanted to update on Hosanna's skin tag. In the week between dr. appointments, the infection cut off circulation to the thing and it died and fell off. At her appointment on Monday, the doc said it was a granuloma now (whatever that is) and that the remaining lump was still infected. He told us to stay on the antibiotics until it wasn't red anymore. We decided to use Melaleuca oil on it instead. It was a healthy pink within 3 days. Hooray for Melaleuca oil!!! She still has a hard lump, but it is much less noticeable than before. :-)

Monday, February 18, 2008


Well, Hosanna had her very first dr. appointment today. She was born with a skin tag on her pinky finger. No biggie. Well, it started to look a little different, and today it was bright red & swollen. Not good. So, we took her to the dr.

The regular doc was full, so we saw someone new. The new doc was very nice. She said that skin tags are lucky. Lucky?? Sh also said it would be easily removed, but not now. It's infected and it has to be healthy for removal. So, poor Hosanna got her first antibiotic. Bummer! Ruby's made it 2.5 years with no antibiotics and here Hosanna has to get one at 2 months because of an infected skin tag. Lucky indeed.

A week from today the lucky tag is getting removed. Poor baby.

In other news, I feel a bit lucky. Miss Jade told me about her day at school!!! She told me she saw Mrs. Oleson, had snack, had lunch, went to art, saw Mrs. Kulich for gym, went to Mrs. Gutke's room to watch a movie, and went outside for recess! Pretty good for a kid who wouldn't talk to me a week ago.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Two steps forward, Two steps back


Jade's going back to school tomorrow. It just wasn't working here at home. Her routine got all thrown off with the changes of the last few months and we can't get her back on track. She's losing the momentum of progress and we can't accept that. So back she goes. We hope that it won't be forever, but it will have to be for awhile.

I must say that I'm ready for it. It's been hairy around here of late. She has not been pleasant to live with. I know there will still be some transitioning and that could be rough, but I'm looking forward to a few semi-quiet hours every day. I'm trying not to feel like a horrible mother. I'm supposed to be basking in the joy of my blessings, but it's hard when the blessings are screaming in your face.

My mission is now trying to get back some semblance of peace & order in my home. It's been missing for too long.