Sunday, March 25, 2007

Shelli... This one's for you

My dear friend Shelli was getting quite tired of looking at my poor kitty everytime she checked in on my blog. She kept calling me and asking me to PLEASE go blog so there is something else to see. I really haven't felt like blogging lately. I haven't felt good, just blah and depressed and I didn't think you all really wanted to hear about it. But, things are happening and I will make an attempt at blogging again. Just not this instant.

So for the time being, I leave you with a happier picture. My big huge girl who is almost 2 and not nearly small enough to be my baby anymore. *sigh*

1 comment:

Partyhouse 4 God said...

YEAH!!!!!!!! I like this picture much better!!! Thanks for changing the pathetic kitty picture! I hope that all will go better.