Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Then again, maybe not...

So, as of the last episode, Teagan had decided that we shouldn't buy the house after all and I was quite upset about it.

Monday a letter arrived in our mailbox from Social Security. Jade's SSI was being dropped completely because we have too many assets (ie. house down payment!). It was almost laughable... the idea that we had too many assets. But the reality is, if we don't buy this house and just sit on that money until.... whatever.... then we won't get that income from Jade's SSI. So, we'd be paying MORE and getting LESS. Not good!

Obviously, there is not an option here. We need to buy this house or go on a spending spree!! Okay, that's not an option either, so we must go ahead with the mortgage plans. Since we finally had all the paperwork in place, we went to the bank yesterday and the application will be filed today. If it goes through, we will save at least $130 a month on housing expenses. That's alot for us. We should hear back within 10 days or so whether it was approved.

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revjac said...

Isn't that just like the government? Oh, well, God is bigger than any government! Keep praying and believing. I know I am. It will all work out for the glory of God. Rom. 8:28.

Love you,