Thursday, May 24, 2007

Home again and busy!

Yeah I know, I need to blog more. I've been a little busy though!

We got home last Saturday. Our trip was good, but fast. The time flew by and we were headed north before we knew it. We came home via my grandparents house in Charleston, IL. It was good to see them. We got the last hotel room in Bloomington, and after 2 days in the truck, got home on Saturday.

Who was waiting for us at home? None other than the pregnant kitty. She was still hanging around. Still pregnant as anything. Monday morning she showed up again, but she wasn't pregnant anymore. We still haven't found the kittens, but they're around somewhere. We were going to take her to the humane society on Monday too, but now we have to wait until we find the kittens so we can take them all together. What is up with all these strays adopting us?? Ugh!

Monday we put an offer in on the house. Our landlord wouldn't budge at all on the price, so he's getting what he wants. We need to buy this place. We can't afford to keep renting since he raised our rent. We're too invested in this place to just leave. And all the other houses in the area were $25K+ more than our price range. So he got what he wanted. He had better accept the offer. We should hear back soon.

Tuesday I saw my midwife. I got to hear the baby's heartbeat... 156 beats per minute, nice and healthy. What a relief!

Yesterday Jade got a haircut! Not just a trim either. It was halfway down her back and now it's just past her ears. It looks super cute though! It looks even cuter from the back, but she wasn't cooperating for a picture.

So, that's our update. I will try to blog more, but I can't make any promises. :-)

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karyl said...

Hey What is happening with you guys. I keep checking for a new post and nothing!