Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Meet me in St. Louis, Louie...

We are officially on vacation. We'll be in St. Louis for the next 10 days. So don't try to call my house. LOL

We need a vacation after last week. We had some kind of appointment every day last week. Plus, we had to take the dog back to the Humane Society. He started to be VERY aggressive toward Kordell and Jade and we didn't want them to get hurt. So we had to take him back and that was sad. THEN, a very pregnant kitty showed up at our door and wouldn't leave. We are NOT adopting her. We are just hoping that we won't come home to a litter of kittens. If we do they are all off to a shelter as soon as we get back.

Ruby fell and cut her eye last Tuesday and had her first ER visit. Amazingly, it healed in just a few days and she looks completely normal now! Praise the Lord for His healing power!
Jade had Kindergarten orientation last week. She did SO well. She's ready to move up. It was a neat day for her. We also had a home visit from a lady from the county last week to see about getting Jade some services like respite and special equipment. That went very well and she was quite sure that Jade would qualify this go round. (We were denied 2 years ago, and have no idea why) So pray for that to all go through because that would be a huge help for us.
Also, we were officially presented as members of our new church last Sunday. It was great! :-)
I think that's all for now. Last week was really nutty.
In the name of posterity... and to keep my promise... here is a picture of the dog formerly known as our dog, Buddy.

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