Friday, August 17, 2007

The Joys of Home Ownership

We have been busy around here, now that we are homeowners. There are just some things you can't do when you are renting. Like cut down trees. Teagan & his friend Hank took down the huge apple tree in the front yard this week. It was so messy that it had to go. They also trimmed the big swing tree in the backyard. They took off the huge branch that went all the way to the clothesline. Between the two trees, it completely opened up the backyard. Lots more sunshine, less shade. I prefer shade myself but that's okay. It had to be done. Here are some pictures of how things look now...

We've also been doing some work inside. My "things to do before the baby comes" list did not include taking down trees, but it did include last weekend's project... turning the top of the stairs into a useful linen closet. Up until now, the top of the stairs was piled with totes, boxes, and various junk that didn't have a home. A lot of it was linens. My intention has always been to put a closet in that space, but Teagan didn't feel comfortable doing it as renters. Well, now it is done. He built these great shelves and we went through all the junk and organized & decluttered. Here is the finished product. The bottom shelf has a hanging bar for little girl dresses since they don't have a closet. I'm going to make a curtain to make it pretty, but for now I am perfectly happy with functional.


Partyhouse 4 God said...

Wow you are getting a lot done! Soon it will be a whole new house!

revjac said...

Good job! I'm glad you are getting comfortable with the joys of home ownership. Can't wait to see the changes.