Monday, August 27, 2007

Pseudo Moving

It's almost like moving, except you can keep your address!

I feel like every single thing in our house is getting touched, sorted, purged, shuffled, and otherwise manipulated. All at one time.

Friday we went to Grandma's to get the rest of our stuff. I thought there were just a few things. Well, we filled the trailer and the back of the truck. Most of it hasn't been seen in 8 1/2 years or so. So it all had to be sorted. A lot went to Goodwill, but some had to come in the house.

Saturday we had to pick up Kordell's new bed. Sage gave us their spare bed, since there's no room in their new place. So we had to move his half of the bunk upstairs for the girls, move their room around and reassemble it. Then we had to clean Kordell's room (no easy task to be sure) and move in the new bed and rearrange everything to make it fit.

And the kitchen is still half torn apart. All the paneling is off, except for a little piece by the counter. The floor is 3/4 ripped up. All of the stuff in the kitchen is (or will soon be) in boxes so we can paint. I have so much STUFF on my counters, but it doesn't really have a home. So it sits there. But now it has to move. And I have to figure out what to do with it.

Tomorrow is painting day. I wanted to get the floor done Wednesday or Thursday, but Teagan says we won't have the money for it until next week. And my mom is coming to visit on Friday for the weekend, so it will have to be put back together by then and taken back apart next week for the floor. Teagan is working on building the hutch today. The base was mostly done last week, so just the top left to go, and then stain. I'm hoping it will serve as a home for my homeless counter clutter. I have in my head a picture of baskets to organize things, but reality seldom looks like the picture in my head. Oh well, we can try anyway.

When the kitchen is done, the focus moves to my bedroom. We have to move my dresser to the girls room so Ruby & the baby can share that. Ruby's dresser now lives downstairs and will become a changing table/diaper storage area. We have to get shelving for my closet so I have somewhere to put my clothes. And of course, all of my clothes will need to be sorted and stored according to season and maternity status.

Bah humbug. When will I ever have time to knit???

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