Sunday, September 16, 2007


I talked to Teagan last night about Jade. Up until then, you all had been the only one in on my thoughts. For some reason, finding the words to speak to my husband wasn't happening.

He had the same conviction on the same day and it had been bothering him as well.

Same message, same day. That, my friends, is a confirmation from the Lord. It was not a knee-jerk reaction to my girl starting kindergarten, or a result of overflowing third trimester hormones. It was a directive.

We both knew before the school year started that she should be at home. We ignored the still small voice because the world kept telling us that this was the best thing for her. Obviously God Almighty disagreed. And now we are reaping the consequences of ignoring what we knew was right.

The decision has been made to bring her home. To do otherwise would be wrong. The timing is yet to be determined, but it will be soon. Teagan wants to avoid Halloween altogether and they start those themed activities at the end of September. I am not sure what the date will be. We need to get some things in place first.

I would be lying if I said I was completely confident. I am SCARED TO DEATH. I despise how hard this will be on Jade. I worry about breaking ties at the school. I wonder if I can do this. But somehow I am beginning to get a Peace about it. I know that God will not lead us where He cannot keep us.


Partyhouse 4 God said...

We will be praying!!!!

The Simple Shepherdess said...

Hi Sharmista!!! We pulled Julia out of Kindergarten after 2 months because I received similar absolutely directive instruction from God. It really went okay. I am confident that the Lord will give you just the right words with her and he will also prepare her heart for the transition. I'm excited to see how it all goes for you! LMK if you need any curriculum suggestions.

revjac said...

Hi Honey,

I read your blogs about Jade and taking her out of school. So did your Grandma Glass. We both agree with you and Teagan's convictions on this and support your decision. God will work it out and yes, even Jade will know this is the right thing to do. She may not be able to express her satisfaction, but she will not fight you on this and will be a much happier person all the way around. I was so impressed with her progress over the summer. I was very sorry to hear that she was not making the transition from school to home well. Her home life is FAR more important than her school time. Her family will always be there for her. The educators won't. We are praying for you, Teagan, Jade, Kordell and Ruby during this time of transition. Our Heavenly Father, who has never led you astray, will continue to guide and direct you through this time.

Love you,