Monday, November 26, 2007

Nothing to Report

I know, I know... I should be updating more often this close to the end. But nothing is happening. I've had random contractions, but nothing organized at all. As of last Tuesday at the MW, I was 2 cm & 50% effaced. It's just a matter of time, she says.

So we wait. And while we wait, a new picture from last week. Taken on Thanksgiving, 38 weeks exactly.
And here are my cute kids with Grandma Jacquie, also on Thanksgiving. It's been such a help having Grandma here the last few weeks!


Partyhouse 4 God said...

Jedidiah Hannah
Josephius Happy
Jaccabean Honnilora
Jahosiphat Hillary- please no
Joshua Hilga - oh yes!!!
Jennifer Harry
Joy Harrold so he can Hark
I have to run but will think of more =0

Partyhouse 4 God said...

jc- junior cheeseburger
john- boring
Jose- YEAH
Jesus- spanish speaking way
Judy- Judge Judy to you
juba the hut- where's my light saber
Josi- anne of green gables Josi pei
Justice- then he can be a judge and be Justice Justice your Justice =)

I hope you know that i am hopefully not making fun of the name that you have picked. I am just adding humor to a list of names because it is less boring than reading a list of names. I know whatever name you pick, it will fit "BABY (there you go- from that famous movie i don't dare suggest.)" I am off to a running day!!

Sharmista said...

LOL You are too funny my dear!

Sharmista said...
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Partyhouse 4 God said...

Jordan Michael- Please no, white men can't jump and he will get very confused and think he is Michael Jordan.
Henry (OH Henry- a good candy as well as a good author)
Heiniken- a spirited chap
Jimmeny - Jimmeny Cricket oh I mean Christmas
Jumpen Jack flash!!!!! THere are 2 J's in that name!
July March- Poor girl wouldn't know which month she was born
Horschraddish- this would be a spellingbee champion
Hangglidder- stunt man
Horse with no name- take him back to his Indian roots Good song too
Hiccup- a studderererererup
Now with the middle names
mary- she had lambs or became a nun
michigan- close to Wisconsin I guess
monsoon- he will just come rolling in
monopoly- I just wanted a monopoly game for Christmas and I got a baby. They both are just as long so...
Mozletoff (sorry for the spelling, but I am not jewish)
I am sorry to say, but I will have to revisit this when the kids are in school and I have had a nap. I really like the last middle name!!! YOu should concider it, but check out the spelling.