Thursday, November 09, 2006


It's the word of the week! :-)

We have determined the block house project to be doable, if difficult. But what is that saying? Nothing worth doing is ever easy.

Teagan & I have reworked the floor plan a number of times and finally hit upon a solution that would include a bathroom without building an additon. And I think we figured out how to pipe water for sinks & a shower/tub. A flushing toilet is still not in the plan, but the biolet looks like a really good option. We are talking about a small addition on the front as an entryway for storing coats, boots, etc. That would be insulated and give a few more square feet. I think it would open up the kitchen and make it look a little bigger. And, the new floor plan also has space for a small sitting room/library, so I'm excited about that! I always wanted a library of my very own.

I was talking to my mom, and she reminded me of a great resource I had overlooked. My grandpa has been in construction most of his life and would probably be willing to help and give us advice. So, we'll be talking to him soon.

Teagan also finally talked to his dad about it, and they are on board with the idea. The biggest concern is legalities, building permits and the like. Otherwise, dad & mom think it is a good idea. At worst, they end up with a cleaned out building and at best they get a few more hands to help with keeping up the "ranch". So, it's a win/win situation.

We're still talking about the fence. I want to take it with us. Teagan thinks it would be wrong to take it out. I think we will need it. We could at least use the wood for something, even if we don't decide to put up a fence for Jade over there. That's over $2000 down the drain if we leave it here.


Partyhouse 4 God said...

It would be wrong if they didn't pay you money for it! So, either take $4,000+ (I would talk to a realitor to see how much investment it brought to the house and go from there to give them a quote of what you want for your added help to the house) or take it down and keep the wood and use it on your new homestead. If you start doing this project and promise to take pics, I will give you a scrapbook and paper to journal everything that you do to YOUR home! (if that is ok with you)- of course I will want to see the book when I come,=)

Partyhouse 4 God said...

I forgot to say that I am really excited for you on this new adventure! I know that this will be something that your children and grandchildren will want to hear the stories over and over again how you chose to be true to God and His Word about being content in your means and being stewards of what He has given you. I also hope that you blog about your progress so that we can keep updated!!