Saturday, November 04, 2006 vewy, vewy quiet...

Okay, so I wasn't supposed to spill the beans on our grand plan just yet. Teagan came home from Dad's early today to rescue me in my time of illness and didn't get a chance to discuss the plan with Dad or Mom. OOPS! So, don't tell anyone okay? LOL

We talked about it more this afternoon, did some research, made lists, fleshed out ideas. Plumbing is the only really sticky part of the plan. Plumbing with no basement or crawlspace is a bit tricky. We found some toilet alternatives, like this one... No plumbing required! But a bit pricey. But then what about a kitchen sink and a shower? So, we're still thinking on that.

Teagan does think that we'd be able to finish the upstairs at the same time as the downstairs, so that gives a little more breathing room. He really sees this as a viable option, and so do I. HUGE change, but doable. I think.


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Sharmista said...

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