Saturday, November 04, 2006

Not feeling so super this week... I've been sick since Sunday and now the kids are sick too. My head feels like it might explode. I am so far behind with the housework it's not even funny. I was finally getting into the swing of things getting a routine going and BAM too sick to do anything. :-( I try to do a little each day, but it's not enough to make a difference and I feel so discouraged! I have 4 custom longies to do is done, 2 started. The poor cow longies have been patiently waiting for me to return to them.

On top of that, our landlord called yesterday and they decided to move to Arizona. Which means, if we can't buy the house by April, it's going up for sale and we have to move again. I guess we shouldn't have spent all that money on the fence. :-( The timing is horrible. We couldn't get a loan when Teagan was working, I don't think our chances are too good with him disabled and no income. I'm so sad. I really feel at home here.

We talked some last night about what to do. Teagan is not worried at all. I am. Suprise, suprise. We read an article that I stumbled across online about homesteading. These people built their house themselves with recycled & donated materials and no debt on an income of $10K/year. Teagan finishes reading it and says, yeah that's a great idea. We should start doing that. The discussion evolved into possibly making the block house at Don & Tanna's habitable and living there. We're talking dirt (possibly cement) floor, wood stove, one maybe 2 rooms, no running water, all of us in 600 or less sq. ft. Eventually it could be plumbed, fixed up and the second floor finished, but the main point would be mostly free shelter and an opportunity to help mom & dad while saving to get back on our feet.

Last night it seemed like a great idea. This morning, it's still not a horrible idea, but the realities are seeming a bit tougher than the storybook picture that had formed in my head. Life like that would be a lot of HARD work. I would be hauling laundry, wood and water every day in addition to what I already do. We would have to pare down our possessions ALOT. Not that that is a bad thing, but I look around and go, could I live without that? If not, where would I put it? Like my craft things...I'm too crafty to not have any of them, plus they could be used to make clothing, blankets, sold for money etc. But where do you put 5-6 tubs full of fabric and 50+ skeins of yarn? I guess I'll have to be really crafty this winter! LOL

I long for a simpler life, but how simple can I get?

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Partyhouse 4 God said...

Wow sharm- I couldn't live like that and I didn't know all this was going on. Why couldn't the landlord just be a landlord from AZ? I will be praying and I will talk to you later this week.