Sunday, July 15, 2007

On My Own

Teagan & Kordell are off to camp this week! Teagan is a counselor and Kordell is camping. They will be gone until Friday. The camp is just a few miles from here, but feels like the other side of the world!

I am on my own with the girls. Tonight went okay. Ruby was SO tired and crabby that she went to bed early. Jade is headed to bed now. I should be too because these girls don't sleep in.

I'm a little worried about how the week will go for all 5 of us. Kordell got a nasty burn on his leg from the motorcycle last week and I'm hoping he won't hurt it playing games. Teagan is going to be running after munchkins all week and won't take his meds on schedule. I'm alone with the girls (nuff said). And my big ultrasound is on Wednesday in Marshfield. Eek!

I am SO going to need a nap come Saturday!

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Partyhouse 4 God said...

no wonder you didn't answer the phone today!!! I can't wait for you to have your ultrasound!!!!!!! I hope that someone is going to watch the girls when you go. You are going to need that time to focus on what is going on with the tech. instead of trying to hear over 2 girls. Today I went out for the first time on my own with 3 kids!!! I am ready for bed and it is only 7. Hopefully Hope will sleep all night like she did Sat night- 6.5 hours and I had to wake her up!!