Friday, February 29, 2008

40 Day Fast

Well, this will be my last post for oh, about 40 days. I have decided to fast from the internet for that time. I've been contemplating a fast for awhile now, something to refocus me on Christ. I can't fast from food for any length of time, being a nursing mom and all, so I had to think of something else. The biggest time waster in my life is this marvel of modern technology. I spend hours on the internet every day. It's clear to me that this is an addiction, and I need to give it up and get addicted to God & His Word. I don't want my Christianity to be empty words and fruitless works. I want to live in true fellowship with my Savior. I can't do that here in cyberspace.

So, until sometime in April, I am off line. Pray for me during this time, that I will truly seek Him!!

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