Monday, February 18, 2008


Well, Hosanna had her very first dr. appointment today. She was born with a skin tag on her pinky finger. No biggie. Well, it started to look a little different, and today it was bright red & swollen. Not good. So, we took her to the dr.

The regular doc was full, so we saw someone new. The new doc was very nice. She said that skin tags are lucky. Lucky?? Sh also said it would be easily removed, but not now. It's infected and it has to be healthy for removal. So, poor Hosanna got her first antibiotic. Bummer! Ruby's made it 2.5 years with no antibiotics and here Hosanna has to get one at 2 months because of an infected skin tag. Lucky indeed.

A week from today the lucky tag is getting removed. Poor baby.

In other news, I feel a bit lucky. Miss Jade told me about her day at school!!! She told me she saw Mrs. Oleson, had snack, had lunch, went to art, saw Mrs. Kulich for gym, went to Mrs. Gutke's room to watch a movie, and went outside for recess! Pretty good for a kid who wouldn't talk to me a week ago.


Partyhouse 4 God said...

I guess she was boycotting being home all day, and now that she got what she wanted, she will talk now. I am glad she is liking school! Take a pic of the tag if you can before and after it gets removed. For at least me, the "scrapbook everything person- even the button Chas pooped out when she was almost 1).

revjac said...

I agree with partyhouse 4 god...take pictures. You'll be glad you did in the future.

As for Jade and going back to school, I am glad she has decided to talk to you again. Let's pray this is the beginning of a long life of talking and interacting with her.