Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Garden Update - late July

Time for a garden update! Look how big it's getting! We've harvested most of the broccoli and lots of chard & kale. The tomatoes are just starting to blush. The basil can be picked anytime. The eggplant are starting to mature. And the lima bean has a few teeny tiny pods forming. No action from the peppers, aside from lots of blossoms. I am hoping they pick up speed here pretty soon.

Wook at the wittle baby eggpwant! Isn't it cute?
The nasturtiums are taking over! But they are so beautiful and tasty too! Yup, I eat flowers. They're spicy, but good once you get over the whole "I'm eating a flower" thing.
My bean looks so neat climbing the garden fork. It's supposed to be a bush bean, but it wants to climb. It's starting to get pods! I'm excited to see what happens.
Hope you enjoyed the visit! Come back soon!

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