Saturday, November 01, 2008

Fall in the Garden

My tender summer vegetables are long gone. The last of the green tomatoes are ripening in my laundry room, the green peppers are tucked away in the freezer, and the eggplant are but a memory. However, there are still vegetables to be had! My kale and swiss chard are still green as ever, despite the freezing temperatures we've been having. Ruby & I were out in the garden earlier this week gathering kale for dinner. It's s strange thing harvesting fresh garden greens while all bundled up, but what a wonderful thing!

Praise the Lord for His bounty in my little garden!


Partyhouse 4 God said...

You have inspired me to do that next year even though I will have a baby and a toddler. I am finding that with a bit of work, it saves a lot of money, plus I don't know how the economy is going to go, so I better get moving on providing for my family w/o the main parts of the world, but I am still not going to milk my cows any time soon- Im still too scared from what happened last march.

Sharmista said...

Yeah, gardens are much less scary than cow attacks. ;-)