Saturday, January 17, 2009

Busy Day in the Kitchen

Monday was a day of "firsts" in my kitchen. I had a bit of motivation, so I ran with it.

I decided to try my hand at bread making. I ground up some flour and was ready to go. I used the bread recipe that came with my mill & mixer. I figured it was my best shot. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised!! It was easy, fast, and so delicious!! I think I will stick with that recipe in the future. I made the 4 loaf batch (the recipe went up to 8 loaves) only to discover that I don't have 4 loaf pans that are all the same size. So, I used half the dough for cinnamon rolls. Oh, it was a good day to be at my house. Teagan thought he missed our anniversary or something. lol Here are some pictures of my bread baking:

The Bosch hard at work, mixing the dough for me.

Letting it rise.

Loaves fresh from the oven.

It's better with butter!

The ooey, gooey cinnamon rolls. The pan was half gone before I got a chance to take a picture! My family loved them.

I also decided to make yogurt on Monday. It is something I had been meaning to try for years, but just hadn't. I got a yogurt maker from someone, but it didn't have instructions and I didn't know how to use it, so it has just been sitting in my basement. Then I came across this recipe. Yogurt in the crock pot??? Now, that, I can do! So, I tried it. Followed the directions exactly, only I wrapped it in a second towel to account for my chilly kitchen. The next morning I was greeted with this:

Perfect, thick, creamy yogurt!! I am so excited! The kids love it. Ruby has been eating it plain. We've made smoothies and mixed it with blueberry pudding cake. It's yummy. I will definitely do that again.

And, because I don't want any of you to think that I actually have it all together, here is what my children were up to on Monday...
Kordell & Ruby were parked in front of the computer watching a movie. Jade was at school, so she was no trouble. And...
Hosanna was trashing the place! But, the mess was all worth it. I got a few things done, I tried something new, and I lit a fire of motivation under my rear. It was so satisfying to know I was doing something really great to nourish my family. And now that I know how easy it is, I will be more likely to do it again.


Partyhouse 4 God said...

GOOD FOR YOU!!! Can you light a fire under my butt!!!!!!!!

Sharmista said...

Your butt just had a baby, remember? Take it easy mama!