Thursday, January 15, 2009


Ice glazed trees in my front yard.

I'm back. Sorry to disappear like that. I was trying to think of a really lyrical, fascinating way to say, "I don't feel like doing anything." But I didn't come up with much. Obviously.

The first week back to "normal" was a rude awakening after vacationing and laying low for 2.5 weeks. I felt shell-shocked and exhausted pretty much the whole week. Like I was frozen in time as the world spun around me. (See, that was kind of lyrical!)

This week has been better, and I am slowly gaining traction. I have lots to tell you about! We've had more than one "first" this week, so that has been exciting. Stay tuned!

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Partyhouse 4 God said...

I am waiting impatiently!! I understand the not wanting to do anything. Greg is getting tired of cleaning the kitchen every morning cause I am too tired at night and in the morning and afternoon.... Well, I will be checking your site a lot in the next few days (I do that anyways). It is -47 here so we are stuck inside as well. Well, I am waiting!