Thursday, February 19, 2009

Winter Begone

I'm so done with winter. I know it's only February and I know I live in Wisconsin, but I really want it to be spring. Like now.

I present to you my really good reasons for spring to come now...

10. Everyone is sick. We need some fresh air to blow these germs out of the house.

9. The baby wants to play outside. She is just not big enough to play outside yet, and she wants to.

8. Ice is dangerous and I'm tired of walking on it.

7. I miss my garden. Fresh vegetables from Walmart in the middle of winter just are not the same.

6. We're all getting sick of each other in this little house.

5. My feet are longing for some flip flops.

4. Jade needs monkey bars. The lack of those big movements is making her SO squirrely!!

3. We need a good excuse to drink lemonade. It's just not the same in the winter.

2. We're all turning pasty white. Need. more. sunshine.

And the number one reason...

1. I'm sick of all the winter gear!! Snow pants, snow boots, coats, hats, mittens, scarves... they're everywhere!!! We don't really have anyplace to put them. The main entrance comes right into the kitchen. There is no entryway or mudroom or closet or anything of the sort. So the winter gear just takes over. It's everywhere!!! Make it stop!!!