Wednesday, January 10, 2007

On Modesty and Feminity...

Recently I have been pondering what it means to dress modestly and be feminine. I don't feel that I dress immodestly, but I certainly don't look overly feminine in my standard grubby blue jeans and t-shirt, and even less so in my pajamas (which I wear a little too often). The idea of wearing skirts & dresses instead has been popping up in my brain for awhile now, but I shove it back in the closet of things I don't want to think about. LOL

I've never actually talked to Teagan about it, because I figured it didn't matter to him what I wore. He's always said he loves me just the way I am and all that. Well, silly me, I asked him what he would like to see me wear. I was most suprised by his answer. Skirts and dresses would be nice, he says. Imagine my shock! Imagine my horror! My dislike of skirts is now an issue of submission and pleasing my husband.

Now you must understand, my hatred of feminine clothing is deep seated in my childhood. Being forced into itchy pleated wool skirts, and made to wear dresses for chapel throughout my school days. I raged against the machine whenever I could, looking as sloppy as possible while being within dress code. I rarely wear skirts as an adult because I feel self concious and after all, those things are evil and uncomfortable.

So I am faced with a dilemma. Wear the skirt and please my husband or shove it to the back of the closet and know I'm going against him. So I am wearing the skirt. I know he is pleased and that makes me happy. I picked a rotten time of year for this decision (I freezing!!) but a happy husband is good whatever the season.

The next time you see me, if I'm in a skirt, don't think I lost my marbles or am trying to be "holier than thou". Just know my reasoning and pretend I'm wearing jeans.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Honey! I appreciate your honesty about this issue. You might find leg warmers or tights helpful in the winter months. Also, longer skirts help.


Partyhouse 4 God said...

Good for YOU!!! God is working in you and your family!!