Monday, October 13, 2008

Packrat Much?


I've been working on our big house shuffle and can I just say that I am SUCH a packrat?! I'm getting so much better, but wow. The stuff I've found...

I spent the whole morning going through cookbooks and recipes. 3 BOXES FULL!! I had more recipes stashed than I could possibly cook in my entire lifetime. I've pared it down to a very small selection of old favorites and really good sounding new ones to try.

The other thing I realized this morning...

I've come a LONG way baby!!

Not just in the packrattery department, but in the food department. All of the recipes I found were either for sugar-loaded desserts or unhealthy "real" meals. Any recipe that called for bisquick, velveeta, or canned soup as a main ingredient was tossed. That was almost all of them. Yikes again. It was amazing to me to realize that was how I used to cook every meal! There was nothing real about our food back then at all. Now we eat actual real food. Whole grains, beans, vegetables... everything as close to original form as possible. Real food tastes so much better and we feel so much better when we eat it. And you know what else? It's cheaper too.

Teagan says if he would have known how much better the food was when we had to "make do" we would have started making-do a long time ago! LOL

Well, I got completely off topic there, so it's time to sign off and get back to work. More on the "Big Shuffle of 2008" later...

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