Tuesday, October 09, 2007

8 weeks


Um... Yikes.

Well, at least I got to cross 3 more things off my "Before Baby" Master List today. Today was divide and conquer laundry mountain day. I got behind on my laundry folding back in the middle of the summer, shortly after my surgery. Since then, I've managed to keep up with the laundry... all except the 6-7 baskets sitting in the back room waiting to be folded. But today I had help. In exchange for sewing lessons for her daughter, a good friend came over and folded my laundry backlog. Praise the LORD!!!

As a result of having all the clothes in the house clean, I also had to sort everyone's clothes for the upcoming season, move my dresser to the girl's room so that Ruby & the baby can share it, and move shelves into my closet to hold my clothes. I also sorted all of my clothes into maternity/regular and winter/summer.

After only 9 hours of work (plus making dinner), I have conquered the clothing.

Now I can knit for the next 8 weeks. I told my midwife today that I really needed to be on bedrest so I could get all my Christmas knitting done. She laughed, but couldn't come up with any good reason for that, so I'll have to squeeze it in with everything else. I think I only have 9-10 projects that have to be completed by baby time. Eek.

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Partyhouse 4 God said...

Make sure you put on your list to keep up with pics of your growing belly!! =) Names picked out yet?