Saturday, August 09, 2008

I Lost Count

Well, I am declaring the 1000 Things Challenge a success! I the last week of massive deluttering I went way over the top! I was at almost 600 things before I purged my wardrobe - that added over 150 things. Then we hauled a TRAILER LOAD of things off the front porch. Then I purged the girls wardrobes! I know I went way over 1,000. I may have even gotten close to 2,000. Either way, I am declaring it a success.

All this stuff went to the rummage sale my friends & I held this weekend. All the proceeds are going to fund Project Lifesaver for our county. So, it was for a good cause. I don't know the exact final tally, but I know we raised over $700 for the project. That's enough to buy wristbands for 2 kids. Jade will be one of them, and my friend's child will be the other. There is still about $9,000 to be raised before PLS will be up and running, but we're off to a good start.

As for me and the challenge, it may be over, but the urge and need to simplify continues. Simplify, simplify, simplify. The less we have, the more we can live. Too much time is spent wrangling stuff and maintaining things. As we purge our stuff, we gain freedom. So we will keep on the declutter train for awhile yet.

Edit: I just got the final total for the rummage sale... $1153.60!!! That's enough for almost 4 wristbands!

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