Friday, September 26, 2008

Frugal Friday: Ditch the TV

Now, I know how most of my regular readers feel about their beloved TV's, and I think most of them know how I feel about it, but this issue has come up a few times this week in my mind, so I am revisiting it here.

Save money! Get rid of your TV!

Those of you with televisions, think for a moment about how much you spend on it. First, you have to buy it and you probably bought the nicest one you could afford! Then you bought a DVD player, a gaming system, and maybe even surround sound. You paid to hook up cable or a satellite. You pay to buy or rent movies. You even pay for electricity to run it all.

Ah, but those aren't the only costs. You sit there and watch countless advertisements, which send you running to the store looking for the newest gizmo, the limited edition flavor, the hot new color, the end-of-season clearance sale!!! How many times have you gone out for a burger, ice cream, pizza, because a commercial made you hungry??

And there are costs that aren't financial... you pay with your time too. Instead of looking at you family (and interacting with them) you stare at a glowing box. You pay with your health. You pay with your intellect (I'm sorry, but TV does not make you smarter.)

So, save money. Enrich your life. Turn off the TV!

Michelle at Frugal Granola has a wonderful post on this topic here. She makes a very eloquent argument.

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Anonymous said...

We have an alternate stratagy of turning it off during the week and only using it during weekends.