Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rutabagas: A Health Hazard?

Well, they seem to be a hazard to my health!

I bought a rutabaga at the farmer's market last week. They were only 50 cents, so I picked out the biggest rutabaga in the basket. I decided to cook it for dinner last night. I called my mom for some rutabaga-cooking tips and got to work.

Can I just say, rutabagas are not easy to prepare! At all! They are lumpy and bumpy, but have to be peeled, and they are thick and hard to cut. I was having trouble cutting the huge thing with my usual knife.

So I got out the BIG knife. More power right?

I don't think that was such a good idea.

I cut a big hunk out of my middle finger.

And apparently I don't do too well at the sight of my own blood. I nearly fainted while Teagan was bandaging my wounds.

I saw the doctor today and had him look at it to make sure I didn't need stitches. He said there was nothing to stitch... I took the whole piece right off.

So, I am a hurtin' puppy today and will be for awhile. Doc said to expect a long healing time due to how I cut it. It's not easy to do all my mom work without using that finger! And the bandage makes it hard to bend, so it looks like I'm flipping everyone the bird. yeah, nice.

At least I didn't bleed on the rutabagas. But I might not buy them again for awhile.

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