Sunday, December 14, 2008

Merry Christmas to Me!

I got my Christmas present last week.

Yeah, I'm spoiled.

Actually it's a gift for our family, but since I'm the one who gets to use them, it's really for me.

A member of our family who shall remain nameless bought us the Bosch mixer and the Nutrimill for Christmas. I used my Bosch fund money to order the slicer/shredder and cookie paddles for it.

And there they are.... In MY kitchen!

I was a little afraid to use them at first. But last night I ground up some flour and made cookies. It was great! Today I made 3 big batches of cookie dough to bake tomorrow. Double and triple batches were no match for my Bosch!! It's SOOOOO nice!!!


King of King's Princess said...

That is really awesome. I am so happy that someone got you the exact thing you wanted and needed.

Micah said...

envy rays coming your way... giggle. I'm an in-the-flesh friend of itsMelanie. I have a Nutramill and LOVE it! Heading to grind some wheat in just a minute. I hear those Bosch mixer are NICE.. but my o my somebody must LUV U. What an awesome gift!
I know you AND your family will thoroughly enjoy it!