Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Weekend

Saturday we had planned to go to a Farm & Tractor festival at a tractor museum in Illinois. My grandma & grandpa met us over there. It was over 90* when we got there, and the festival turned out to be a dud. It might have been okay if the weather had been cooler. But it was nice to see Grandma & Grandpa. They hadn't seen Hosanna yet.
No, it's not Santa Claus in a cowboy hat... It's my grandpa!

Sunday, back in St. Louis, we headed over to the Science Center. They had a "Monster Machines" exhibit for Father's Day. We saw a monster truck, construction equipment, tractors, etc. But my favorite was the giant shopping cart!
Inside the museum, we went to the monsters exhibit- a look at the art and science of animatronics (movie monsters). They had supplies there for the kids to draw & sculpt their own monsters. Here are some of or creations...We had a great time at the Science Center! It was a fun weekend.


The Simple Shepherdess said...

Was that exhibit at the Science Center cool? We were going to go to that, but with the heat we decided on swimming instead. You all look like you had fun!

Sharmista said...

It was really cool! But the heat was a killer!