Monday, June 30, 2008

A Restless Age

6 1/2 months is such a restless age. Apparently.

Since we got back from St. Louis, Hosanna has been a bit restless. She has gone from wobbly sitter to sturdy sitter and now she wants to be independent. Her new thing is sitting on the floor playing with toys while I work in the kitchen. She does really well, and only goes ka-bonk once in awhile.
Please take note of the above picture. See the trail of toys? I sat her down next to the bus. She scooched and wiggled herself across the room to the puppy and then on to the highchair. She was trying to chew on the end of the highchair buckle. Today she was doing it again and she tried to pull herself up. Whoa. I am SO NOT READY for that!!!
She's also decided to develop a discriminating palate. She will NOT eat carrots. One taste and she refused to open her mouth again. I tried at 3 meals!! I finally gave up and fed her something else. What am I going to do with this child?

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