Saturday, June 07, 2008

Homeschool Egg-speriments

Teagan found an egg in the yard. It was a whole robin's egg, not broken or anything. (We also found a nest. The egg & the nest aren't related, but they took a good picture together!) Anyway, I wanted to open the egg and see what was inside. Was it a baby bird that didn't make it or a dud that mama bird pushed out of the nest? We're homeschoolers FPS! We must find out!! It's a science project!

Kordell did not want to find out. He was afraid of what was in there. I brought him some gloves and sat him down and told him to crack it open. He was too chicken. He just inspected it gingerly and set it back down.

Jade was not so shy. She picked it up and dropped it on the table. She's thinking, Hmm... interesting. Meanwhile, Kordell was freaking out... (The wind blew our plate right in front of the broken egg.)Ah, here is the egg laying where Jade dropped it... It looks like egg white is coming out. Kordell still wouldn't touch it.
Mom had to be the brave one to pick it up and pull it open. What horror did we find inside???

Egg yolk. It was a dud.

Talk about your "Much Ado About Nothing." Rolling eyes... It was fun anyway. :-)

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revjac said...

Hi Honey,

Great pictures and story! I love that you turned into a science "eggs-periment." Very clever wording, too.

Talk to you soon.