Monday, June 30, 2008

Old Friend, New Friend

On Friday I had the rare privilege of spending the morning with my best and oldest friend. (She's not old, but I've had her the longest ;-) My dear friend Shelli from Iowa was visiting family in the area and we got to spend some time together. It had been 4 years or so since her last visit, so this was really special. Since our last visit I've had 2 babies and she's had 1 (but the 2nd is cookin'). Here are our youngest little ones together. Hope is a year old (today! Happy B-day!) and Hosanna is 6 months, but they are the same size! They were so cute playing together.

I wish I had gotten a picture of Shelli & I together, but my camera batteries died while I was taking pictures of the girls. We had Kordell take one on her camera phone, but, well, it's a camera phone so I'm not sure how it turned out...

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Partyhouse 4 God said...

please send copies of the pictures!!! our pic didn't turn out well- I was so sad. I had so much fun talking with you guys and seeing your children growing up so fine. I wish you were a little closer so that years don't separate us again. Well, I am off to the races. LOVE YOU!!!