Thursday, May 22, 2008

Burnin' Down the House...

Or not. Thankfully.

We were gardening yesterday and the kiddos were outside with us. Ruby kept disappearing, as almost-3 year olds tend to do. We found her in the truck, in the bathroom, upstairs, etc. One time when I came in to find her, she was in the kitchen. I said, "Ruby, what were you doing?" And she said, "I got an owie on the butter."

Huh?? The fridge was all locked up, so I thought maybe she was playing some imaginary game or something that involved butter. Who knows? She's 3 (almost).

Fast Forward about 5 hours. After dinner, Teagan went to microwave his coffee. He found a surprise inside the microwave. Ruby had taken a Crisco stick (that I had used 1/2 of, and was still in the foil/paper wrapper and the plastic tub with the silvery plastic seal thingy still attached) and stuck it in the microwave. How long she microwaved it is unknown, but the silvery plastic seal thingy was all burnt looking and the plastic tub had started to melt. She must have tried to take it out and (mildly) burned her finger. Thus the comment about getting an owie from butter.
We are praising the Lord that she didn't get hurt worse and that she didn't burn our whole house down!!! Lesson learned. We will be more careful to supervise her in the future.

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