Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Not What I Expected

I got to go on a field trip yesterday! I've always wanted to go on a school trip with one of the kids and I finally got a chance to chaperone. I went with Jade's kindergarten class to the nature center at a nearby county park. The letter home didn't really explain what we'd be doing on the field trip, but I figured the nature center would be pretty tame.

So, we got there and it turns out the purpose of the trip was to collect water bugs from the pond. We had to catch pond gunk in nets and dig through it (with our bare hands!) to find critters. This sort of thing is so NOT my cup of tea. I'm the girl who dissected a worm in biology without actually touching it. I hate creepy things! But, I signed up for this, so into the gunk I went.

Jade was not really into the gunk-digging either. However, she discovered a new love for crayfish of all things. One of the boys in our group caught a little crayfish and Jade was having a good ol' time playing with it. She had no problem touching the creepy little thing. She held it in her hand and put it in her cup and said, "Hi crayfish!" It was hilariously cute.

As we were wrapping up at the park, all the kids brought their buckets together to study. One group had caught a bucket-full of really big crayfish and Jade picked one of the big ones up. She was looking at it and it pinched her! She was so shocked that she dropped it, but it fell in her lap and pinched her leg! She actually had a cut on her leg, poor girl. She was a little traumatized, and didn't touch any creepy-crawlies after that.

Despite all the yucky bugs, it was a good trip. The highlight was sitting next to Jade on the bus and being silly. She can be such a little sweetie. :-)

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Partyhouse 4 God said...

Sounds like it would have been a field trip for me since I am in muck all day long- not my house, but the poop that all the animals do around the house. =) Thanks for posting a cute picture!! Sorry to hear about Jade. HOpe she gets over it.